About Me

My name is Jaeyoung Jo (조재영). I live in Seoul, Korea.

I work as a backend developer. I have 6 years of experience working on various projects, mostly in the field of AI solutions in a startup setup.

I have a passion for applying efficient development methods to bring ideas to reality in a short amount of time.

Backend developer

Python is my go-to programming language because its dynamic typing and concise syntax allow fast iterations and experiments.

I used ElasticSearch and Kibana to make analytics dashboards for production services.

There is no operations without good monitoring. It is lucky for us backend developers that there are many excellent open-source tools available. I used Vector, fluent-bit to build a logging pipeline for our application. I used Prometheus and Grafana Dashboards for metrics monitoring and alerts.

I used the Jaeger distributed profiling tool to find the performance bottleneck in our server and optimize response time.

I used Buildkite to implement automatic testing and deployment pipelines.

Operations and infrastructure

Cloud services and tools for operating cloud-native services have matured a lot in the last decade.

I have run our development and production services on GCP and AWS cloud providers.

Terraform is now a requisite tool for provisioning Cloud resources, a practice known as IaC.

I use Ansible playbooks to configure VM instances.

I use NATS as a messaging layer for microservices.

I have experience running production applications on Kubernetes. I will advise huge caution before adopting Kubernetes for new services, unless it really needs to run on a distributed cluster with automatic scaling.

Other Kubernetes technologies I used:

  • Argo Workflows
  • Istio, Linkerd.

Data engineer

I operated Kafka brokers to support our event processing application.


  • SQL
  • Apache Spark
  • BigQuery
  • Trino

Machine learning

I think machine learning and AI are the most interesting areas of the software practice.


  • Jupyter notebooks
  • scikit-learn
  • PyTorch
  • JAX
  • Hugging Face

Web developer

I have used Webpack and Lit to develop a Web SDK for our application.


  • Javascript, Typescript
  • React
  • TailwindCSS
  • Zeplin, Figma
  • WebAssembly